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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tour and a Show - Whoa!

Human creativity is a beautiful, beautiful thing. I was pleasantly reminded of this when I was invited to enjoy opening night of The Taming of The Shrew. This witty comedy had me laughing with delight from the comfort of my blanket on the lawn in the park while enjoying a slice of pizza and sipping on my favorite lemon-lime soda water.
Beautiful evening for theatre in the park!
There isn't a bad seat in the house! Er, park!
The actors clearly enjoyed their work bringing the characters to life flawlessly, and each were a perfect fit for this witty work of Shakespeare! The costumes were adorable, the setting: comfortably ideal, and the ladies running the show are as friendly as they come. It's a rather intimate setting with couples and families with their blankets and lawn chairs circling the stage.

Just as important, though, there is plenty of bike parking and the food trucks provide a stunning array of dining options!

Oh - in case you're wondering? Yes, Leisurely Pedaling will provide lawn chairs and/or blankets for your viewing pleasure :-) Hope you can join us this weekend... and if not perhaps we'll see you on the 24th!

Cheers for now,
Adventure Jes 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Date Night!

Painted skies and rustic beauty are guaranteed attractions on date night in Old Town Fort Collins.

Old Town Fort Collins at Sunset

More often than not, the same can be said for all of the 42 parks and countless dining and entertainment experiences throughout "mid Town" and "Down South" (keep in mind these geographic N/S references are within 6 miles of each other).

Old Town Cruiser
Date night started for us when I was in grad school. It was the unofficial deadline to complete the week's discussions and papers in exchange for an evening of remembering how to be a sociable, carefree person with my sweetie. Occasionally, we'd make it a double date. I digress.

The concept of date night inspired a new tour experience coming in June: an afternoon/evening of Leisurely Pedaling followed by lounging in the park watching live theatre, with a second-to-none culinary experience at a local food truck somewhere in the middle. How much fun would that be?! 

Goose Fountain in Old Town Fort Collins
So there you have it: a custom tour experience offered twice in June that sets you up for a sweet date night! Saturday the 11th and Friday the 24th starting at 3pm we'll have a three hour tour ending in a park. There you'll find a food truck (either Ripe Tomatoes Pizza or Mile High Lobster Shack), followed the Open Stage Theatre's production of The Taming of the Shrew. What could be better than a tour, show, and dinner all wrapped up in one neat package?!
Cheers for now,
Adventure Jes

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bike Expo For the Win!

Remember when I talked about coopertition last month? It's a real thing: I'm living it right now. The annual bike expo in Denver is, as anticipated, a lovely experience of most things bicycles. Last year was a lot of faster/stronger/farther training focused booths, and this year the e-bikes really stick out (though they were the main view down the row from our booth). While nibbling on delicious flavors of Hope Hummus, we even had the privilege of seeing pros like Dave Weins and Georgia Gould participate in a tire changing competition... blindfolded and handcuffed! At some point there was an acoustic cover of Gangsta's Paradise serenading the beer garden. The whole set up was heavenly.
Colorado Bike Expo 2016

Back up a second - OUR booth? Yup! Leisurely Pedaling and Beer and Bike Tours teamed up to share space, laughter, and overall success of the event with each other. And - you guessed it - we're in coopertition together. We're coopertiving. Something. We were even graced with the ladies who run Experience Plus Bike Tours sharing a corner of our booth for a moment Saturday.

Someone Got Their Hands on Sidewalk Chalk!
This is how it works: Experience Plus has tours all over Europe and beyond as their specialty (they have other tour options as well). They just happen to have their home office in Fort Collins. Win! Beer and Bike Tours specializes in exactly that: breweries, bikes, and enjoying the ride. Their tours span Colorado and portions of the US that are lovely and have delicious beer culture. Leisurely Pedaling specializes in site seeing Fort Collins and the neighboring communities. We all have a little overlap (stellar experiences being offered, funloving guides, endless laughter and joy), though we all have distinctly different personalities.

Thank you so much all who dropped by the Colorado Bike Expo this last weekend. I hope to see you all again next year, and you're always welcome on our tours between times! We've drawn winners from the drawing, and are excited to announce their names in the next newsletters :-)

Cheers for now,
Adventure Jes

We Know How to Have a Good Time!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Team Building - or an Excuse to Enjoy a Beautiful Day!

Your Perfect Tour Awaits!
Team Building. Exercises in Trust. Corporate Retreat. Once upon a time these words brought to mind images of Dude Ranches or Spas In Fiji (am-I-right???).

Why not put a local, low-pressure spin on your next Work Bonding Event and take a Faux Tour with us?

Best case scenario: you all love it and decide to make it a regular event for your office/team/co-hort! Call it what you will: an afternoon of site-seeing by bike sounds pretty sweet, and is bound togive you the breath of fresh air outside the office that you need! I suppose in part that's why I created Leisurely Pedaling, though, and now it's an option for your corporate field trips and team bonding moments as well!

Worst case scenario: you find our stories ridiculous and you've been forced to spend a half day on a bike (on the company's dime...) enjoying the sunshine on your face and gentle breeze in your hair. Oh - and you're probably in the company of your co-workers and boss, and there's a really friendly and fun guide you can talk with as well!

What do you say - time to go talk with the manager of activities and team building and make sure the HR department is on board?

Cheers for now,
Adventure Jes

Monday, April 11, 2016

Pedal Chats - Coopertition at Its Finest!

Coopertition: helps all the pieces come together thumbs-up!
What in heck is cooper-what-huh-how? It's a healthy combination of Cooperation and Competition - coopertition - that allows businesses and the humans running them to thrive in capitalist prosperity while working together to grow and maximize niche offerings and exposure in a friendly, supportive manner. Sure, it can sound a little "hippy" and a little "unrealistically idealistic," however, it is a really nice, incredible attribute to my reality.

Pedal Chats are an idea that has taken life from a friendship and business relationship Leisurely Pedaling has with The premise of Pedal Chats is providing a publicly approachable opportunity for everyone with similar passion in their veins to talk bikes and tourism... ride bikes a moment... and enjoy a beverage and appetizer while relaxing on one of Fort Collins' fine patio dining places. Seems like fun, right? Oh - and assuming you have your own bike it's free, or you can reasonably snag one from Peloton (our partner in bike offerings for Leisurely Pedaling this year!).

Bike Love.
So - what's the scoop between Leisurely Pedaling and MTBtime? Leisurely Pedaling and MTBtime have in common a love for bicycling outside (I know, seems like a redundant concept), an interest in expanding and coordinating tourism developments directly related to this love for bicycling outside, and making our work approachable and organically malleable: we welcome your input, and I imagine you have a million thoughts and questions, too! Where we differ is our focus: Leisurely Pedaling provides a sweet site-seeing service, and provides necessary and reliable insight on local mountain bike trails, conditions, events, and other things mountain bikers would find interesting.

Join us the 4th Saturday of each month starting April 23rd. We'll meet at Peloton at 2101 South College Avenue at 3:45pm and ride to beverages and appetizers for an hour or so, and return to Peloton afterward. Can't wait to see you there!

Cheers for now,
Adventure Jes

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Platinum Bicycle City: What's That Mean?

Local Art - at Compass Cider
You recall hearing about the "Faux Collins Tour" as one of our standard tour options, and "Experience Platinum Tour" is its slightly more sophisticated, well-manicured sibling. That's right, the second new tour route for 2016 is all about the trails, bike lanes, and inter-connected nature that makes Fort Collins a Platinum Bike City as evaluated by the League of American Bicyclists.

So, what makes the trails/lanes/etc in Fort Collins unique and worthy of being a top five bicycle friendly community in the entire United States? Well, my short list includes:

Bike Parking!
  • Bike paths: miles upon miles of paved paths criss-crossing the city
  • Side-street bike routes: efficient yet beautiful, and they just feel safe
  • Bike racks, bike racks, bike racks... You can't go half a block without tripping over them
  • Clubs, teams, festivals, and bike-share: there is Something quite literally for every type of bike rider, and chances are there's a (bike) shop dedicated to your style, too
  • Drivers: bike racks and pasing with wide berths are fairly common, truly the inconsiderate driver is the minority
  • Mapping and way-finding: the city makes it pretty easy (intuitive?) to find where you want to be and how to get there through maps, signage, and a ranking system for why some streets are better than others in this regard
The Platinum Experience takes you through several different decades of what it means to be Fort Collins while giving you the truly local experience. Enjoy!

Cheers for now!
Adventure Jes
On Tour!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Where Has All the Lycra Gone?

"Fort Collins is surprisingly lacking in lycra..."

This quote - regardless of accuracy - makes me giggle every time I read it. You see, it's phrases like this that end up in my "business journal of inspiration and accomplishment" (yea, that's a real thing).

It's true, though: Old Town Fort Collins has bikes all over. The riders are a blend of casual carnie-looking guys, boho-chic ladies, functional commuters, and business-casual retirees! The more you look around Old Town, the more you realize how often the cyclists are overlooked because they look surprisingly human. You know what I mean: everyday clothes, helmets optional, shoes of every variety...

If Fort Collins is Platinum on the bike-friendly scale (which it is, again!) and hales as home to the likes of Georgia Gould and TJ VanGarderen, there should be a healthy collection of lycra-clad Cyclists, right? So - where are they?!
A Map of Lycra For Your Viewing Pleasure!

Fort Collins is no stranger to traffic at all daylight hours excluding, perhaps, the "hangover" hours on holidays. As such, your daily exerciser takes the shortest and least-traffic route to either the fun mountain roads and trails, or the rolling plains. So no, there are not many lycra-clad riders in the cultural center of the city, but I promise you the train of grinning quintessential, lycra-wearing riders are a-plenty!
Cheers for now!
Adventure Jes